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MBA with placement year



MBA is a dynamic, contemporary and practical course designed to produce the business leaders of the future.

This variant of the course is a two-year masters with a work placement year. The embedded placement offers a unique opportunity to apply your skills on real-life projects and make connections with exciting businesses across London.

University of East London rooted in London’s most exciting region for enterprise, between the major financial institutions of Canary Wharf and pioneering new businesses in Stratford and Shoreditch. University works with these institutions, from Bloomberg to Barclaycard, to bring you cutting-edge insight into the way contemporary businesses are run.

Studying for your MBA should enhance your employability and earning power and develop your ability to approach business problems in a strategic manner. As part of the course, you’ll study a specialised ‘Professional Development’ module that is specifically designed to help you boost your career prospects and make the most of your MBA in the employment market.

Get a special price £11.900 and start your study in May 2021.

Tuition fees – £11.900 (usual price without scholarship £14.400)
Course duration – 2 years