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Family English Courses

Family English Courses

If your family wants to learn and improve their English there is no better way than the London Education Centre’s family language programmes. You will travel as a family to study English at a leading UK language school, but each of you will be assigned a class to study at an appropriate level for your abilities with English. Then, when it’s time for cultural activities, visits and entertainment you will come back together as a family to share your experience of travelling abroad.

The personal programmes ensure each of you is learning English effectively whilst the varied activities provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the adventure of foreign travel as a family.

This is ideal for parents, enabling you to be with your children as they explore another culture and grow in confidence using English with native speakers. Watching them develop and flourish in a new environment is incredibly rewarding and all of you will have memories to share together long into the future.

You will also save money since the cost of a family language course is much lower than studying English separately.

The English study programmes are varied and flexible:

  • Courses are very popular in the holidays but you can book them at many other times throughout the year.
  • Accommodation can be together or separate in a variety of locations, such as school residences, hotels, rental apartments or even staying with a British family.
  • Although you will be studying separately the classes will be in the same high-quality language school.
  • When not in classes, parents will be fully in charge of their children.

The London Education Centre will explain all the options and once you have settled on your course we will help with all the arrangements. Contact the family English course specialists now and start your own family’s educational adventure!

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