Now a days a lot of students returning back to schools and during the time of Covid-19 boarding schools and universities has persuaded the government to find a solution in the hotel quarantine rules for international students returning for study in the United Kingdom.

A new rule states that children travelling back to the United Kingdom from a “red list” country now will now have to spend 10 days in hotel quarantine. There is an alternative way to spend this quarantine on the boarding school territory.

New Department for Education claims that it will apply to English schools only, those studying in state schools can skip hotel quarantine if their school provides private transport from the airport and then isolates them in separate accommodation.

Many questions comes regarding the decision of changing the rules and pandemic measures. This change followed a campaign, which stated boarding schools student to quarantine by themselves in hotels along with other adult travelers posed safeguarding risks. Previously the UK government stressed that those parents concerned about children spending in hotel quarantine should travel with them for 10 days.

Countries around the world take serious decision regarding citizens’ travelers. In the United Kingdom hotel quarantine rules came into effect on February 15, 2021. This involves all travelers coming into the UK from a red-list country from where travel is banned must spend 10 days in a specifically designated hotel and stick to the rules. Certain countries travelers should book this hotel at the stage of visa application and filling UK Passenger form.

However, school organisations warned that thousands of students would refuse to continue their study in the UK if they would need to quarantine along with other travelers. In addition, they have also proved the statement with students’ comments. Generally, all student were extremely excited to go back to school but upset because of quarantine hotels. Boarding Schools Association welcomed pupils’ desire and asked New Department for Education to think again to find the solution.

Robin Fletcher, Association’s chief executive said that boarding schools are self-contained organisations and previous experience shows that schools can manage Covid-19 cases carefully, out of risk spreading the disease.  It would also mean that students are supported by schools; pastoral staff that ensure their safety while their study.

The Independent Schools Council chief executive Julie Robinson said that the guidance allows all international students to return to schools if the pandemic measures let to do that, and appreciate the strict conditions imposed on boarding houses to make it possible.