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    Successful business is about innovation. It is crucial to keep up with the latest developments in both your own sector and business as a whole. This is why companies invest heavily in the professional development of their employees, keeping them at the cutting edge of business through expert training and education.

    A world leader in business education, the UK boasts some of the finest international business schools and highly regarded tutors. Britain is the place to be when you need to develop the most skilled staff who deliver results. UK business schools and universities can nurture the knowledge and skills needed by staff to take companies forward and educational programmes can even be created for the specific strategic development of individual companies.

    The London Education Centre offers a specialised service to companies worldwide who wish to take their staff to the next level. We have close links with Britain’s leading educational institutions and can provide a wide range of flexible programmes which allow you to tap into the proven success of UK business training. From full-time tuition to distance learning and MBAs, we work in collaboration with British universities to deliver high quality educational programmes which meet your specific business requirements.

    Working closely with companies we offer numerous services:

    • Advice and support in selecting educational institutions and programmes
    • Creation of educational/training programmes on request
    • Negotiation with overseas partners regarding programme arrangements / further enrolment on courses
    • Arrangement of group and individual educational programmes in British business schools and universities
    • Trip arrangements (plane tickets, medical insurance, transfers, accommodation, interpreters, cultural programmes)
    • Arrangement of business trips and guest events
    • Management of seminars and business training in the UK
    • Supervision of participants

    Our target at the London Education Centre is to create new opportunities for companies with specialised programmes built around the latest innovations in management and enterprise. The focus is on inspiring and empowering staff to set and achieve real business goals which take their companies to new levels of growth and profit. Rooted in real business expertise, these programmes are not about abstract theory but innovatory practice. Staff return from these courses invigorated, inspired and ready to transform their company’s performance.

    Success tomorrow begins with planning today. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your company contact the business education specialists now…

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