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Distance Learning Courses

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning courses provide an effective and convenient option for raising your educational level. They are built around the principles of independent learning and are extremely varied in their approach. Some distance learning programmes allow students to choose their own educational structure whilst others offer carefully planned programmes which still allow for flexibility.

You will be able to study from the comfort of your own home whilst still benefiting from the guidance of highly accomplished tutors. A variety of tools and approaches will be utilised, including telephone tutoring, emails, audio-visual media and internet resources.

Distance learning can provide a wide range of training and qualifications, from English language studies to university degrees.

Although you are studying from home you can still benefit from the world-class tuition provided by British educational institutions. In the UK over 50 universities offer distance learning programmes. The most popular are trade, jurisprudence, natural and technical sciences and medical programmes. Different higher institutions have different entry requirements and the London Education Centre will advise you on the most suitable courses and institutions for your needs. We will also support you in your application.

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