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Every parent wants the best for their children. One of the most precious gifts you could give your child is a British education. Schools in the United Kingdom are envied around the world and the child who enters adulthood with a mastery of English already has a huge advantage. The London Education Centre offers two types of British education for your child: English language courses and places in boarding schools.

English Language Courses for Children.There is huge international demand for tuition in English and so the United Kingdom has numerous language schools dedicated to teaching the English language to children from different countries. Not only will your child be taught by skilled and experienced English teachers, they will also be immersed in English culture, speaking the language continuously both in and out of the classroom. This has been proven to accelerate language learning to the extent that 3-4 weeks in a UK language centre can produce better results than a year of tuition in the child’s home country.

The experience of socialising with children, teachers and people in the surrounding British community leads to a stronger and more natural command of the language, as well as developing your child’s understanding of other cultures. There is simply no better way of learning English and the London Education Centre will advise you on the best course as well as helping with all necessary documentation.

British Boarding Schools. Education in a British boarding school can transform a child’s life and prospects. The high level of academic work, good discipline and friendly atmosphere make time spent in these institutions invaluable to your child’s development. Pupils are given a world-class education and benefit hugely from living in a country with such a rich cultural heritage.

The London Education Centre works with many boarding schools in the United Kingdom and will help you choose the one which perfectly matches your child’s needs. We will assist with all the paperwork and ensure there are no problems along the way. Our London office makes us perfectly located to deal with the unexpected and you can rely on our support to make your child’s time in a British boarding school the best they have ever had.

If you would like to do something remarkable for your child’s future and set them on the road to success, Contact our London office to discover the difference a British education can make.

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