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To study for your MBA in the UK you will follow a one-year programme at one of a number of highly regarded academic institutions. Once complete, you will have the qualification which has enabled many others to become some of the most highly paid business people in the world.

The Master of Business Administration involves a course of study designed to equip managers of middle-sized and larger companies with the knowledge and range of skills to manage their business operations more successfully. It enables managers to be more flexible and instils both confidence and authority, which is why it is such a highly valued qualification by employers worldwide.

It is no surprise that the MBA is in high demand – especially when you consider that 30% of all MBA students are directors and presidents of companies.

Studying for your MBA in the UK brings the advantage of being taught in some of the most respected educational institutions in the world. In addition, you will also be building your fluency in English – the international language of business. Consequently you will increase the power of your profile to employers with more than just the MBA alone.

A further benefit is that the UK attracts many ambitious MBA candidates from across the world. These are people you will study alongside, providing the opportunity to forge important and influential business relationships for the future.

To study for an MBA at a leading UK university you must have a higher education and at least 2 years’ experience in business (this is not obligatory at mid-level universities). Your proficiency in English must be at an advanced level (IELTS 6.5-7.0) and it is usually compulsory to pass the GMAT test (minimum 650 points).

The London Education Centre can help if these requirements are a problem. Pre-MBA programmes can prepare you for IELTS and GMAT over a period of 3-9 months, providing you with the necessary expertise in English. We also offer intensive English language courses so that whatever your level of English skill, you can move forward to study your MBA in Britain.

We have many links with the UK’s most accomplished providers of MBA courses. In fact there are over 100 different institutions where you can study for your MBA and we will work closely with you to establish which would be the most appropriate for your particular needs. There is even the possibility of distance learning if this is more suited to your requirements.

We will help with your application and all documentation, as well as supporting you in every aspect of studying in the UK. Our help has proven invaluable for many candidates who successfully enrolled at their institution of choice to study for their MBA in Britain. So contact the specialists in UK MBA courses and take your career to the next level…


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