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Stage 3 Further Education (after 16 years old)

Stage 3 Further Education (after 16 years old)

After the age of 16 pupils can stay at secondary school or attend a sixth form college to study for A levels (2 years), IB (2 years) or a Foundation programme (1 year).

They can also study for vocational qualifications. After finishing these courses school leavers have the chance to enter university.

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) 2 years Advanced Level (A Level)2 years Foundation Course 1 year International Baccalaureate (IB) 2 years
Multiple subject-based qualifications. These complete compulsory secondary education.

British secondary education in private schools includes compulsory subjects and subjects of your choice. Pupils can choose from 5 to 10 GCSE subjects.

Compulsory subjects are: English, mathematics, sciences (either combined or separate biology, chemistry and physics). Some schools choose to make additional subjects compulsory.

Good A Level results provide an opportunity to enter universities worldwide.

To enter an A Level course you need successful exam results from secondary school and IELTS (5.5 – 6.0).

A Level consists of 6 modules:

  • First year -Advanced Subsidiary (AS).
  • Second year A2.
Foundation courses generally run alongside other courses being studied and are accompanied by an intensive English language course.

To enter you need to have successfully finished secondary school and IELTS (5.0 -5.5).

Foundation programmes are arranged by universities or colleges.

An IB diploma allows students to enter most universities without an entrance examination.

To enrol on an IB course you need to have successfully finished secondary school and IELTS (5.0 -5.5).

The programme consists of 6 subjects chosen by the student: 3 subjects at Advanced level (240 academic hours) and 3 subjects at Standard Level (150 hours).

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