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Stage 4 — Higher Education

Stage 4 — Higher Education

In most UK universities undergraduates spend 3 years studying their chosen bachelor’s degree. Assessment varies hugely and usually involves a mixture of examinations and coursework. There are variations between universities in terms of marking but degrees are awarded with the following levels:

  • First class (1st)
  • Second class, upper division (2:1)
  • Second class, lower division (2:2)
  • Third class (3rd)
  • Ordinary degree (pass)

Degrees may or may not be classed as honours degrees, depending upon the amount of study undertaken.

Applications to enter British universities should be submitted a year before the course starts and overseas students will need IELTS over 6.0. Applications are made by filling in a UCAS form (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). This includes all academic achievements, final/predicted grades, a brief description of the applicants goals and future plans and a list of no more than 6 preferred universities in alphabetical order. Your school should enclose references upon application. The universities applied for will then consider your application.

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